Unveiling Your Serenity: The Art of Unrolling and Reviving Your Rolled Mattress


Embarking on a new mattress journey is an exciting venture! At Seva Sleep, we understand the anticipation that comes with receiving a rolled mattress. This guide will walk you through the easy steps of opening and unfolding your mattress, along with the essential reminder to allow it up to 24 hours to reclaim its original shape.

Unboxing Your Rolled Mattress: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare Your Space

Create a clear space for your mattress setup. Remove any potential obstructions, ensuring ample room for the mattress to expand freely.

Step 2: Unbox with Care

Gently place the rolled mattress on your bed frame or foundation. Use caution when cutting away the plastic packaging, making sure not to damage the mattress with sharp objects.

Step 3: Unroll and Unwind

Liberate your mattress from its packaging and unroll it onto your bed frame or foundation. Position it according to your preference, aligning it with your bed's head and foot.

Step 4: Patience is Key

While the temptation to dive into your new haven is strong, exercise patience! Allow the mattress up to 24 hours to decompress fully, enabling the materials to expand and settle into their original state.

Why Wait 24 Hours?

1. Material Expansion:

Rolled mattresses undergo compression for efficient shipping. Granting 24 hours ensures that materials, including memory foam and supportive layers, can regain their full shape.

2. Eliminating Odors:

New mattresses may carry a faint initial scent. Allowing a 24-hour breathing period helps disperse any residual odors, leaving you with a fresh and inviting sleep surface.

3. Optimal Performance:

Exercise patience for optimal performance. Waiting 24 hours guarantees the best support, comfort, and longevity, allowing you to experience the full benefits of your new investment.


Unrolling your new mattress is a simple joy, but the key is to be patient. Allowing up to 24 hours for your mattress to fully reclaim its original shape is a small investment that promises comfort and durability. As you wait, prepare your sleep haven and get ready to embark on a journey to unparalleled serenity and rejuvenation.

Welcome to a new era of tranquil nights and revitalized mornings with your Seva Sleep mattress!

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