How to Keep Your Mattress Clean?

Most people don't clean their bedding very often. In fact, you can keep your bed clean with simple methods. And cleaning your mattress frequently is very important for its longevity and health. That's why in today's article we explain for you what you need to do to keep and clean your mattress!

1: Ventilate Your Bed For At Least 1 Hour Every Day

The best way to keep your mattress clean is to make sure that it gets enough air.
Ventilating your bed for at least one hour every day will help prevent dust mites from collecting inside your mattress. You can also use an ozone generator to remove bacteria and viruses from your bedding and pillows, which can cause asthma attacks or other respiratory problems.

This will help prevent mold and mildew from forming on the surface of your bedding. Ideally, you should ventilate your bed for at least 3 hours per day during hot summer months or if you live in humid climates where there's lots of moisture in the air (like tropical areas).

The best way to do this is by leaving the bedroom door open while you're at work so that fresh air can circulate through the room. This should keep odors from building up and prevent any allergens from settling in too much, which could cause sneezing fits or other problems. Think of it as like airing out a pair of shoes — except instead of hanging them on the porch railing, you're airing out your bed in the middle of the room!

2: Ventilate Your Pillow And Sheet For At Least 1 Hour Every Day

Pillows and sheets should be aired out every day to prevent mold and mildew growth. This can be done by simply opening the windows, but you can also use a pillowcase that has a mesh panel on one side.

You may wonder why it is important to ventilate your pillow and sheet? The main reason is that they are made of fabric and they trap all kinds of dust mites, dead skin cells, sweat, oil and even urine.

The more you use your pillow and sheet, the more bacteria will accumulate on them. These bacteria are what cause allergies in people with sensitive skin or asthma. In addition, if you have pets at home, their fur will stick to your mattress and pillows when you sleep on it after them. If this happens once or twice per week then it’s no big deal but when this happens every single night then you will likely get really sick from all these allergens accumulated in your bedding material. So for these reasons you should ventilate your pillow and sheet for at least 1 hour everyday for keep your mattress clean.

3: Change Your Sheet And Pillow Cover Every 10 Days

It is a good practice to change your sheets and pillow covers every 10 days. This is because the dust mites tend to nestle in the pillows and sheets. They leave behind their fecal matter and skin flakes that attract other pests like cockroaches, fleas and lice.

Change your pillow cover whenever you notice it has become dirty or smelly. If you have pets in your home, this should be done more often as they shed hair all over the place.

No matter how clean your home is, there are always germs that can get into your mattress. Dust mites, dead skin cells, sweat and other dirt can build up in your mattress over time and cause health problems.

It is a good practice to change your sheet and pillow cover every 10 days. This ensures that you are sleeping on a clean surface every night. If you have pets at home, it is important that you change the sheet and pillow cover even more often than 10 days as they can shed hair and dander on them which could cause allergies in some people.

4: Use Protective Cover

If you've never used one before, you might be surprised at how easy it is to put on a protective cover. All you need to do is slide it over the top of the mattress and pull it down until it reaches the bottom edge of the bed frame or box spring. Then secure it with straps or ties at each corner of the bed frame or box spring (or use Velcro if your frame has Velcro straps). In this way you can keep your mattress clean.

5: Wash Your Protective Cover Regularly

The thing that you need to do is wash your protective cover regularly. The cover will protect your mattress from dirt, pet hair and body oils that may end up on your mattress. If these materials are allowed to build up on the cover, they can eventually seep into the sleeping surface of the mattress itself. This could cause odors and even stains on your mattress. Washing your protective cover regularly will help prevent this from happening and to keep your mattress clean.

6: Vacuum Your Mattress Often

Vacuuming your mattress regularly is a great way to keep it clean. It also helps to remove dust mites and other allergens that can irritate your skin and make you feel sick.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a long hose attachment to get into all the nooks and crannies of your mattress. If you don’t have one, try using a lint roller instead. You might even find that this works better than vacuuming because it will pick up tiny hairs and particles that can clog up your vacuum’s motor.

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