Bambou Seva


Mattress's firmness

Looking for a perfect night's sleep wherever you go? Look no further than the Luna Tri-Folding Mattress! This cozy mattress is designed for all your sleeping needs, whether at a campsite, RV, or guest house. Its foam construction is known for its great quality and comfortable support, providing maximum comfort and support throughout the night. The 5” luxurious foam will not lose its shape as it provides superior high-density construction. Plus, its ease of setup will have you ready for bed in seconds! Once morning arrives simply fold the bed back up and your room is restored to its original state without any hassle or mess! It’s perfect for sleepovers, family reunions, dorm rooms, camping trips and more – so bring home the Luna Tri-Folding Mattress today and experience an effortless night’s sleep anywhere you go!

This bed is packed with comfort including:

  • Soft Bamboo Fabric With A Luxurious Touch
  • High-Density Support Foam (5 Inch)

    All our mattresses are proudly Canadian-made.

    At this time, we provide FREE shipping throughout the Lower Mainland area. You can also pick it up at our warehouse in Surrey, British Columbia.

    SEVA Luna mattress is a new and unique kind of product that has been created using bamboo fiber. The product has been designed in such a way that it offers several benefits to its users. This mattress is made up of good quality bamboo fiber that makes it durable and keeps it fresh for a more extended period of time.

    The SEVA Luna Mattress will help you to have a good night's sleep. This mattress has a high-density sponge layer which makes you feel comfortable when you are sleeping on it. 

    1) Easy to Clean
    2) Durable & Comfortable
    3) Anti-allergic
    4) Hypoallergenic
    • TWIN / SINGLE : (38” X 75”)
    • TWIN XL : (38” X 80”)
    • FULL / DOUBLE : (54” X 75”)
    • QUEEN : (60” X 80”)
    • KING : (76” X 80”)

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