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Latex mattresses are the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Natturra Latex provides a fresh, natural sleep experience like no other mattress on the market. Our latex is derived directly from the sap of the rubber tree, making it an environmentally friendly choice while still providing superior support and comfort. Not only will your spine be in perfect alignment all night, but due to its extraordinary elasticity, you’ll be able to easily move without disturbance from your partner. Natural Latex mattresses also have a significantly longer lifespan than any other type of mattress, making them a smart investment for years of restorative sleep. Give yourself the gift of a great night's sleep - get your Natturra Latex mattress today!

This bed is packed with comfort including:

  • 100 % Rich Organic Wool Fabric 
  • Latex Layer (2-Inch)
  • High-Density Support Foam (6-Inch)
  • Anti-slip Fabric (keeping your mattress in place) With Less Wear And Tear.

    All our mattresses are proudly Canadian-made.

    At this time, we provide FREE shipping throughout the Lower Mainland area. You can also pick it up at our warehouse in Surrey, British Columbia.

    The Natturra Mattress is a very comfortable mattress that can be used for the whole family. It is made from high-quality materials and gives you a good night’s sleep.

    Our natural latex mattress is the perfect choice for even the most selective shoppers. Constructed from the sap of rubber trees and transformed into a fabulous foam – this mattress will take your sleep to a whole new level! 

    Natural latex mattresses are designed to perfectly conform to every movement, ensuring that your spine, shoulders, and neck stay in the correct position while relieving any pressure points. The great elasticity of the mattress ensures maximum support throughout your night of restful sleep. 

    At Natturra Latex we stand by our product and guarantee you won't have a better sleeping experience anywhere else! Treat yourself to unparalleled luxury and comfort - purchase our natural latex mattress today!

    1) made from 100% organic Latex and wool
    2) Durable & Comfortable
    3) customized for special extra comfort
    4) extra support for spine, shoulders, and neck
    • TWIN / SINGLE : (38” X 75”)
    • TWIN XL : (38” X 80”)
    • FULL / DOUBLE : (54” X 75”)
    • QUEEN : (60” X 80”)
    • KING : (76” X 80”)

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