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Natturra-Latex Mattress:

Pure Comfort, Medium-Firm Support, and Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the epitome of natural luxury with the Natturra-Latex Mattress—an exquisite blend of pure comfort, medium-firm support, and meticulous craftsmanship. Elevate your sleep experience with this thoughtfully designed mattress, committed to providing unmatched rest.

Key Features:

8-Inch High-Density Foam Core:

Experience the foundation of sound sleep with our 8-inch high-density foam core. This core delivers robust support, ensuring durability and a stable sleep surface night after night

2-Inch Medium-Firm Natural Latex Layer:

Delight in the plush comfort and medium-firm support of our 2-inch natural latex layer. Crafted from rubber tree sap, this layer adapts to your body, providing personalized support while maintaining a resilient and comfortable feel.

Wool Padded Fiber Layer:

Above the latex core, enjoy the additional layer of comfort with our wool-padded fiber. This layer adds a touch of indulgence, providing extra softness while naturally regulating temperature for a cozy sleep environment.

Organic Cotton Cover:

Embrace the soft touch of our organic cotton cover, enhancing breathability and offering a naturally luxurious feel. It perfectly complements the eco-friendly ethos of the Natturra-Latex Mattress.

Crafted with Precision and Care in Canada 🍁:

Rest easy knowing that your Natturra-Latex Mattress is proudly crafted in Canada, symbolizing our commitment to quality and excellence in every detail.

Anti-Slip Fabric Bottom:

Ensure a stable sleep surface with the anti-slip fabric at the bottom, minimizing movement and extending the lifespan of your Natturra-Latex Mattress.

Available in All Sizes:

The Natturra-Latex Mattress. is designed to fit your unique needs and preferences. It is available in all sizes, providing a perfect match for every bedroom.

  • TWIN / SINGLE : (38” X 75”)
  • TWIN XL : (38” X 80”)
  • FULL / DOUBLE : (54” X 75”)
  • QUEEN : (60” X 80”)
  • KING : (76” X 80”)

    20-Year Warranty:

    Rest easy knowing your investment is protected with our 20-year warranty. We stand by the durability and enduring quality of the Natturra-Latex Mattress.


    Transform Your Sleep with Natturra-Latex

    Experience the pure comfort and medium-firm support of the Natturra-Latex Mattress. Crafted with a 2-inch medium-firm natural latex layer and a wool-padded fiber layer, this mattress is dedicated to providing a restful night's sleep while embracing eco-friendly principles.

    Invest in your well-being. Order your Natturra-Latex Mattress today and discover the unmatched satisfaction of a mattress that seamlessly combines natural elements with superior craftsmanship for your ultimate comfort. 🌿

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